Little Adults

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Small Plates – £4.00

Little Pot of Sausages with Tomato Ketchup

Cup of Soup and Crusty Bread

Beans on Toast (v)

Fried Egg on Toast (v)

Oxford Isis Cheese on Toast

Pot of Raw Vegetables (v)

Big Plates – £6.00

Oxford Isis Cheese Two Egg Omelette

Battered South Coast Haddock

Mini ‘Wornal B’ Beef Burger

Grown Up’s Sausage

All the above served with a choice of chunky or shoestring chips, mash or salad and beans or peas.

Bumper Plates – £7.50

A selection of children’s sized portions chosen from the main menu. Please ask your server for today’s list.

Sweet Things – £2.50

Jude’s Ice Cream – 2 Scoops

Clifden Arms ‘Naughty Mess’

Hot Chocolate, Cream and Mini Marshmallows

If you have been really good at the table, then please ask for your sweets ‘n’ treats goody bag to take home with you!